Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Treatment Plan

Well we have a plan...as we have been waiting and praying for what is next we now have some idea.  Today we met with the oncologist and par for the course we came away very encouraged. Just to continue to give God the glory we know that He is working all these details out.  When we met with Dr. Vora, who by the way is proving to be a great Dr. And we praise God for leading us to him, we discussed all the different biopsies that have been taken, stomach, throat and bone marrow. The areas that cancer was found are all the very treatable lymphoma and the bone marrow is clean.  That means that the course of treatment will be easiest and very straight forward.  As I said, very encouraging :-). So what that means is next week I will have a porta-cath, this will be how they administer the chemo, installed along with a echo cardiogram. This will open the door for chemo to begin on June 3rd.  The duration of the chemo depends on how well I respond and will last either 4, 6 or 8 months.  This is good news as since the beginning I have my eyes set on returning to Uganda in October, let's keep praying.  The other bit of news we received with joy was that during the treatment as long as my blood work continues to look good I will be free to interact with people, go places and with in reason live a fairly normal life.  We heard many stories including our niece Bela who had to create a bubble and keep very isolated during her treatment so today's news is good.

So as we continue on this journey we see our great shepherd leading us as we follow.  His presence and word provide our encouragement and the hope we cling to.  Thanks to all of you who are praying, sharing God's word with us, sending cards, texting and emailing. You are displaying Gods sufficiency and being used by Hm to hold up our hands in this battle.

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