Saturday, May 4, 2013


Dr. Nguyen was just here. The stomach looks good and Geoff took his first drink of water while dr. Nguyen was here. The nurse just came in and is almost as excited as we are about our going home!  We have a follow up appt with Dr. Nguyen on the 14th at which time he will remove the surgical dressing and give us the throat biopsy results. The stomach should be healed by the 14th, and if it truly is, then we will begin talking about chemo with the oncologist in Long Beach.

Thanks for your prayers!

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Nancy said...

Hi Geoff and Mary. Thanks for the updates! I will tell the kids this latest one when I get to church. Mary I printed out the Okey Dokey post and read it to some of the kids in the banda having porridge. They laughed at the long list of kitchen appliances included in the new house but were relieved that you had a coffeemaker!