Monday, February 13, 2012

I Took Shoe Shopping to A New Level

One of our sons in David family needs a new pair of school shoes. We've been looking for some every time we've been in town since Christmas time. We "shop" on the roadside where some guys set up business out of huge garbage bags---not your definitive mall experience to say the least! He described to me what kind he wanted and I finally found some!!! Genuine Reebok black leather for only $15. A few hours after the purchase I remembered he didn't want lace up, but Velcro.I went back and bought the right kind from another guy and then tried to get the refund for the lace ups from the first guy. Keep in mind that these guys work together and they do a whopping good business. "I'm sorry Madame, but you'll have to come back tomorrow, I have NO money now." I, like most missionaries, am able to adjust well to the demands of my surroundings--and being surrounded by a lying, cheating shoe salesman demanded an inner strength that flowed out nicely I must say. In my best Luganda--stay with me here-- with a smile on my face, "ssebo, olimba. Njagala cente/35,000/-KATI!" we basically had the same conversation about, ummmm, 15 times until he couldn't handle the criticism he was getting even from his colleagues. After about 20 minutes when he realized I wasn't leaving without my money, he gave in and slunk away announcing he'd be back in 5 min with my money. I smiled and said, "see you in five minutes or I leave with these shoes AND another pair of my choice." he was back in four minutes with correct change. VICTORY! (well, somehow a victory. . . Should it really take that much effort to be treated fairly?????) I took a boda boda (motorbike) back to my hotel and THE BODA DRIVER tried to cheat me! I handed him what I knew to be the correct fare and walked away without giving him a chance to say anything. Anybody wanna go shoe shopping with me next time you need a pair?????

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