Sunday, February 12, 2012

A bit uptight are we?

Where to begin. . . Here I (Mary) am alone in a fantastic boutique hotel, enjoying the quiet, comfy surroundings. . . Reading lots of books and studying Isaiah(my current Bible study with the girls)and watching ALMOST an entire movie that I've been wanting to see for a long time and the movie stops with just 15 minutes remaining!!!!!!!!! "But wait" you wonder, why are you in a boutique hotel, alone,without the fam? Long story, so I'll shorten it just for you. I have a nerve pinched between C-5 and C-6 and am requiring 5 days of traction. When the doc first suggested these 5 days of traction, I laughed, "I can't do that! I live too far away and teach my kids and etc, etc, blah,blah,blah" the dr said we could try muscle relaxers and exercises for a week and if they didn't work, then the traction needed to happen. Well, they didn't help and I am now on day 3 of traction. It's only 20 min a day (unless the nurse forgets about me like today!), but it requires me to stay in town. Life doesn't stop for Geoff and the kids, though, so here I am with two days to go!!! I read a lot today and my brain was getting muddled, so I switched to watching a movie--fantastic activity with very little brain required. So, it got to the best part and STOPPED! Argh, Best thing I can figure is that the download was interrupted because of the glorious quality of the Internet. Oh well, guess I'll resume reading.
Thank you to everyone who has and is praying for me. I am grateful for your faith and love!!

Oh wait!!!!! I forgot the most important part of this whole adventure. A VERY dear person in our lives provided the funds for me to stay in town and to cover the medical bills!!! Here is the most amazing part. . .she wrote a check for an amount and believed God was asking her to give more, so she tore up the first check and wrote a new one with the new amount. The fees were more than we originally anticipated and the new amount took care of the surprise expenses!!!! God is awesome and active!!!!!

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Praying for you. -Stephanie