Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Of recent days I have heard this question more than I can remember, and equally as many times I have answered the query, “No, I am not sick.” The person asking then scrunches and contorts their face as if to say, “Then why is that thing on your neck?” I have come to realize the stupidity of my answer and have been forced to take a deep look into why I say, “No” when clearly all things are not right.  Why am I so opposed to someone labeling my condition as a “sickness”? Obviously, my own personal worldview, especially in respect to this topic of sickness, is radically skewed American. Notice I didn’t say, “Western” and include such variations as English, European, Canadian. Presuming to know what they think has gotten me into more trouble than I care to relive. But, WHY do I take such offense at being labeled “sick” when “it’s only my neck that is out of whack”? Basic definition of sickness and disease is dis-ease and clearly I am not moving about with the greatest of ease. But, I don’t consider myself sick, I consider myself only temporarily down. Is it the great American positive attitude that unless I am majorly incapacitated of the respiratory or digestive system, then I am NOT sick? MAYBE. Truthfully, I am not expecting to answer this question today, but I’ll just throw it out into the great blog abyss to be chewed on. 

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