Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Matters of prayer...

I can say I truly understand why the Bible teaches us to pray always and without ceasing. There are so many issues I could write here that are currently captivating my prayer life. But the question is how much faith do we really have in prayer? Some people throw up prayers with little hope of seeing them answered or they pray out of religious habit but don’t really expect to see God move on their behalf. But if we are Bible believers then we have to lay hold of statements made by the early prophets like “…the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” Life here in Uganda is often held together by prayer and the courage and strength to go on comes only from times with the Father and promises like that.

Recently I have had to deeply depend on God, not that I normally don’t but honestly you know how easy it is to fall back on our own strength. Continual challenges and opportunities to get discouraged have presented themselves in abundance. I won’t go into detail, but know that if God has been leading you to pray for us then you are in tune with what’s happening. The continual blessing of daily ministry is at times overwhelming and we are definitely looking to God to bring results.

A few notes to join us in petitioning our Father are…

· Elections – Uganda is voting this Friday and in it’s history Uganda has never seen a power change peacefully. We know how the world has seen elections and political change of late.
· The Maize Mill – Management has given us the challenge to increase profits and contribute more to the operating costs of the ministry. At the same time the maize harvest this last season was poor and we are already seeing a shortage in the supply chain around.
· NHVI – The new school year has begun and with the political situation our enrollment has been low. I have the feeling God wants to bring increase but we are yet to see it.

Really that is enough, but additionally I would ask you to keep our Ugandan children in prayer as personally I have seen some succumbing to the power of the orphan heart and keeping God’s healing hand at a distance.

Blessings in prayer until I write again

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