Saturday, February 5, 2011

A busy week!

With a rare dull moment around here, we headed to Kampala last weekend for a change of pace. We were privileged to stay with an English friend who has been working in East Africa for the past 30 years. She has a large home in Kampala and we enjoyed visiting and eating meals in with her. We swam most of the day on Saturday and truly rested. Sunday we were up a little earlier in order to hit the shops before they got too crazy. Monday was the first day of school country-wide and many children were heading both into and out of the city to their respective schools after the long Christmas holiday. We got in and out of the shops without too much of a crowd, but getting out of Kampala was tough . . . THREE hours of sitting in traffic. With one of the few vehicles on site that has air conditioning, we were COUNTING OUR BLESSINGS!!!

Kevin LOVES playing with his friends, Jesse, Joshua and Sammy. Others often come to join, but those four are often inseparable. They played a little football (soccer) in our compound today before heading off to a larger field.

When Monday came we got into our school studies again. I teach Kevin and Acacia all morning and Toby splits his time between the primary school here at Kasana Children's Centre and our homeschool. I am teaching him Math, Science, History and English. At the primary school he is taking mainly Science, Christian Religious Education and Social Studies. Trying to juggle him being here only part time is a challenge, especially when he comes back and says the time schedule was changed and he missed a lesson!!! Once we get past the first couple of weeks I think most of the bugs will be worked out. On Friday the primary school spent the morning at the Enterprise Farm clearing the remains of last semesters maize harvest. Though we slathered him up with sunscreen, he came home burned, thirsty, hungry and tired!!!! He took a quick shower, ate some lunch and headed off again for the afternoon at school. The only time he's complained about going to the school is when he finds out that he missed a good lunch at home. (We usually have beans and posho for lunch, but some days I surprise everyone with a little something American here at the house.) The picture at left is of Acacia and Stella from this afternoon. They are both at Anya's tonight having a sleepover.

Shortly before Acacia and Stella left for Anya's, Geoff took off to the secondary school site with Toby and Abraham to play some basketball in the 106F heat!!!!!
Geoff spent the morning today at the vocational institute and maize mill, and the afternoon sorting out transportation business (he is currently heading up the New Hope vehicle department) so some exercise in the late afternoon is welcome even if it is HOT!!!!! The vocational school also started a new school year this week and has a new course addition of catering. All previously offered courses continue to go well and new students have been arriving all week.

And now for some pictures of Bubbly!!!! She and Acacia were snuggling in the sunshine a few days ago.

Bubbly LOVES Jackfruit!!!!! It is a large green fruit with yellow, sticky insides. She finds a piece somewhere in the bush everyday and tears into it!

Showing me her sticky side!

About mid-week, Kevin, Acacia and Toby decided to dig a hole in a currently unused portion of the garden. No plans whatsoever for its future, just a need to dig!

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Amy said...

Always enjoy, actually LOVE seeing all your pics of the kids and you two!! Everyone always seems to be having so much fun! So glad to hear Toby is enjoying his school. He sure has busy days!