Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Sunday!

I've been intending to post this blog since last Sunday! Either the internet has been unavailable or I have!! It's now Sunday again and I'd like to recap the week with pictures.

Geoff preached, complete with skits (!), from Ephesians ch.1 last Sunday. The message was impacting as it centered around our being redeemed (purchased back from sin by God) and then lavished on by His love and grace. Some of our David family kids helped with the skits (Junju, Dodo, Sharon, Margaret and Kintu and Toby). After the message numerous people responded by coming up to the front to state they were accepting God's redemption. Geoff was also encouraged to receive many texts afterwards sharing how God blessed people through the Word. We also took time last Sunday to dedicate three new babies, the Kibeti's, Vogt's and Otim's. It was a rich time of family celebrating the gifts of God---babies and His grace and provision!!!!!

Geoff with Kintu and Junju, explaining the important points of the skit.

Kiweewa, our oldest son currently in the family, frequently translates when Geoff preaches. Here he is also helping to narrate the skit.

Toby and Dodo played "evil" and "sin" as they captured Junju and held him captive. Kintu "bought back"--"redeemed" Junju and set him free.

Kintu and the girls then lavished gifts upon Junju in an effort to begin to illustrate just how much God gives us in His love and grace.

They ran through the skit on our porch in the morning before church.

Love that preacher man!

Geoff was privileged to hold baby Jonathan Vogt as the elders prayed for each child.

Following the dedications, Geoff took a private moment to offer a special encouragement to Uncle Kokas Otim.

On Monday, the house was full in the afternoon after school!!! The kids were racing cars on the dining room table!! Notice to the lower right is Junju with a sling on his arm!!!!! He came to the door with tears in his eyes, holding his wrist. "Aunt, I fell out of the jackfruit tree" Let me just say that they climb HIGH up to get the fruit, so I have no idea how high he was, but I know that it wasn't a short distance to be sure!!!!! In the midst of the activity I took time to ice it, medicate him, make a sling and explain how an x-ray works--(many adults and children here are afraid of x-rays because they don't know it's just a "picture").

The kids prayed for him and it visibly infused him with peace! It was wonderful to watch!

After supper (during which I had two extra mouths to feed unexpectedly--Junju and Emma, who wanted to accompany everyone to the hospital for the x-ray), Geoff, Toby, Junju and Emma left for Kiwoko and found that the break was only a small greenstick requiring only an ace bandage. Hallelujah!

This bird showed up Tuesday morning and is beautiful!! Wish you could see it better!!!

And last, but not least, we now have a new cat. She showed up in the vicinity of our house on Friday night and by Saturday morning our hearts were melted and soft. Kevin is the proud owner and she's been named, "Crystal" after her pretty crystal blue eyes.

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