Monday, September 28, 2009

Another Party!!!!! Surprise!!

We surprised our co-missionary, a lovely and dedicated mother of David Family for more than 12 years with a surprise birthday party. Many of her former students and children from David Family returned for a special birthday lunch and party to honor her 40 years!!! We had to keep it a secret from the current kids in David Family as the young ones especially have been known to "spill the beans" prematurely on surprises. Bless those kids as they prepared all morning for a huge lunch for which they had no idea the reason!!!! The joy was all ours as we all snuck up on her as she sat on Hassan's veranda talking to Aunt Kate. All her kids and grandkids (!) approached singing "Happy Birthday" which brought big eyes filled with tears to Nancy's face. It was a fun and blessed day as you can see in all the pictures below. Having adults return, some with their own kids, was a great blessing as some of them have really struggled over the years, some are still having issues, yet all came together to honor their mother and renew bonds. It was an awesome time!!! Listen to some of the comments they shared, "I can't thank you enough for who you are to me and all you have done. Raising us up hasn't been an easy job, but God's grace has been sufficient. You are a real model, all the value you put in us will always stay with us. All we have turned into as ladies is because of all your effort. Happy Birthday to you our lovely mommy."
"It has been a wonderful time to see you. Thank you very much for each and everything you did for me. I love you and I just want you to know that you played a great role in my life. I love you and will never forget you." "Thank you so much for being a great and wonderful Auntie to me!! What I am today is because of you. What a special Auntie you are!!!" "It has been nice to grow in your arms as a mother"

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