Monday, April 13, 2009


We live in a beautiful, quiet, country landscape . . . free of the noise of the city . . . and of the conveniences of appliances. We couldn't resist taking a picture of the kids fixed on the washing machine at Aunt Gillian's apartment in Kampala this past weekend!
Only in Africa . . . The blue truck is being towed . . . nothing out of the ordinary, especially because the prevailing motto for auto mechanics here is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" which translates to many breakdowns due to a lack of maintenance. But, in this picture, if you look closely you can see that in the bed of the blue truck is another truck!!!! ( the iron frame sticking up highest is the frame for the truck in the bed) . . .Two for the price of one
The staff ladies just finished a Beth Moore Bible study, "Stepping Up" which is a study of the Psalms of Ascent. I include this picture as a testimony to our GREAT GOD that I was able to be in this group picture. During the time this study was going on, I made it to only 3 of the sessions. After attending the first meeting, I was in bed for 6 weeks with hepatitis, and after that ran its course, a week later we had the motor vehicle accident and I found myself in bed again. PRAISE OUR LIVING, LOVING GOD that you see me in the picture above!!!!!!! (I'm in the second row leaning with my hands on my knees.)


Carol said...

Frankly, my kids love to watch the washer, too! Even more fun: pushing the buttons!!! I am sooo glad that you are doing well. You have been often in my thoughts and prayers. (This is the Jang,Carol, BTW)I think I lost your direct email, could you send me a message? Thanks. Love you!

Beto and Laura Perez said...

did acacia cut her hair short? looks cute! we miss you and are looking forward to seeing you in about a year! i can understand the fascinationg with the machine. even i get super excited about having a borrowed one now at the mission apt. but i don't have time to watch it in action