Monday, November 4, 2013

As the exams let out today, a massive group of kids screeched up to our veranda, laughing and joking--certainly letting out the stress of a full day of exams!  Their spirits soared high, but their tires were flat, so we brought out the desired bicycle pump and they fed each tire.  It gave us a few minutes to congratulate them for a day well spent, and to encouragement them for tomorrow.  

I also took the opportunity to arrange with one of them the plans for his birthday cake!  This will be my third time to prepare his CHOCOLATE birthday cake for his party!  It all started a few years ago when I had made treats for Toby’s class and Ssekago was bold enough to ask Toby if I could do a repeat for his upcoming birthday!!!  It is an accomplishment to make a good-looking cake that can be carried either on a bicycle, motorbike or the back of a pick-up truck through a few villages down the road and still look good and taste only of cake (not dusty road) by the time it arrives at the party!!!!! Sooo, Ssekago and I made plans for the first Sunday in December--chocolate again, and I’m happy to be able to bless him!  

In other news, Geoff is doing well. He is managing his time well and is usually able to rest when he needs to take some time out. Thank you for your prayers!  

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