Friday, April 26, 2013

Moving Forward mpola, mpola, slowly, slowly

A quick update on how we’re moving forward toward a complete treatment plan.  

On Monday Geoff will have a bone marrow biopsy performed by Dr. Vora.  On Tuesday we travel south to UCI for a meeting with Dr. Nguyen, a gastric surgeon, followed by an appointment with an ENT surgeon.  After these three items are complete, Dr. Vora will be in a position to decide upon the overall order of each step of treatment.

House hunting has been time consuming and tiring, but we’re hopefully getting somewhere.  We have applications in on two houses. One is small, but close to family and the hospital, and “inexpensive.”  The other is a little farther away, more expensive, but larger for our needs. Your prayers are appreciated as we wait to hear from the rental agencies. 

As always, we’ll keep you updated and will remain thankful for your prayers.



Jeanna Young said...

Hi Mary,
I am just catching up as we were gone in Hawaii. I am so sorry that they found cancer as the pain in his stomach. I am sure it is bitter sweet as now you know, but it is not the best news. You all sound like you are handling it in God's grace. Please let me know if you need anything. If you two need a place to drop the kids, I know we aren't close, but they are welcome anytime. I am sure they would have fun with my kiddos. Looking forward to dinner in May. Hoping that still works for you all. Love and prayers to you!

Allen Bickle said...

The prayer of a righteous man avails & family are being prayed for daily by a bunch of God's people who believe in miracles.....we love you very much....the Bickles