Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On the shores of Lake Victoria

Last Thursday we traveled to Musana Camps, New Hope Uganda's land on the shores of Lake Victoria. The vocational school staff enjoyed a retreat together in an absolutely beautiful setting. Many had never been swimming before and they enthusiastically jumped in!! We hiked, waded in the stream, swam, ate fish, and meditated on God's word while soaking in the magnificence of His creation! At the campfires each evening we sang, laughed and looked again at passages of scripture--applying what they mean for us as leaders of children in the school and in our own families. The camp staff did an amazing job of keeping us comfortable, fed, entertained and warm!! (It was freezing our last night!!!!! The wind was blowing hard and even the camp staff who are originally from the East Coast of the U.S. were bundled up around the campfire!!)Aunt Diana and son, Silas, enjoy swinging.

Damilie, our staff weaver, and Kate, one of our tailoring instructors enjoying the time to just sit and visit in the beauty of the campsite.

Uncle Shylock, our carpentry instructor and his wife and youngest child look out over the lake as we take a tour of the land.

Uncle Robert, our building instructor, and his wife Diana. Uncle Dan, our driver, and Aunt Irene, our cashier for the maize and timber mills, listen as Uncle Dave shows us the creek from the fresh spring.

Looking at the tall trees which grow down by the creek.

Acacia and Katelyn were sooooooooo excited to finally see each other again. Katelyn is the oldest daughter of Camp staff members, Dave and Andrea Bouffard.

Dave did a great job of showing us what the plans are for development of the site. Nala, one of the two dogs who live on site, kept a close watch on all of us.

Sam, our headmaster of the vocational school and his wife, Irene.

Enjoying some volleyball together.

Getting the campfire started each evening was a favorite activity. The little boy is John, son of Nathan and Kendra, camp staff members, and he has an amazing vocabulary for not yet being 2!

Nathan and the 4-wheeler. Kevin took the opportunity to make a quick trip with him back to the house to retrieve something for the campfire. Aunt Hailey is a short term camp staff member, and Bambino is the other camp dog seen here.

My camp hair! It's a good thing I have a sexy husband or this picture would be a loss!

Everyone wanted to take home fish!!!!! We bought oodles of it the last morning and strapped them all over the top and sides of the van for the ride home.

A group picture on our last morning, just before we left for home.

Every morning we took an hour alone for quiet, reflective time with God. Sooooo peaceful!

Geoff went on an explore with Kevin, Katelyn and Acacia---they fully immersed themselves, clothes and all, in the creek!!!

Nathan took Sam and Dan to observe the construction on the newest building going up on site.
Nathan involved Toby as he worked on the vehicles and Toby was in heaven!!! Toby chose working with Nathan over taking a hike with Geoff and the other kids!!!

So much FUN!!!!!!

We played games that taught us trust and gave us a unique perspective on the hand of God and others in our lives.

The view from our safari tent.

Our three monkeys splashing in the creek.

Toby begged me to buzz off his long locks, so we went to Nathan and borrowed his clippers. This last bit of hair was stubborn and it took a long time to finally get it all buzzed!!!!! Everytime we go to the camp Kevin spends a good amount of time climbing the rocks! This trip was our 3rd visit.

Here we are hiking together as we get an idea of the vast amount of land we have the opportunity to develop and use for God's glory in the lives of young people!!!!!!

The trees are unique!!

We'd love it if you came to visit us sometime!!!!!! We'll take you to the shores of Lake Victoria and beyond!!!!

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Nancy said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time! I'm so glad everyone went. Miss you all! Nancy