Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthday Weekend!!!!!

We had the Peterson kids staying with us toward the end of last week and Kara's birthday was on Friday. Toby made her a yummy chocolate cake and I made her homemade sourdough pizza. (OK, the pizza was for all of us, but it was VERY good!)Singing happy birthday to Kara brought a LOT of smiles!!! That thing looks like it's ablaze, but it wasn't as bad as it looks in the picture!!!Toby's birthday was on Sunday and he also made HIS cake!!!! It was lemon, but he wanted to color it red! The icing was supposed to be blue, but somehow it came out green. Oh well, it tastes wonderful no matter what color it is!!! He and Acacia made the icing, put it together, iced it, decorated it and we ALL ate it!! I can't believe Toby is into the double digits!!!

My Mom sent some things with Uncle Cody to bring to us. Acacia received two of the princess parable books that our friend Jeanna Young wrote. She loves reading them and looking at the pictures!

Toby sneaks a peak at a princess parable book . . . Kevin received fuzzy monkey slippers and couldn't wait to put them on . . .

The best part of the night was receiving his "Dangerous Book for Boys" and the Dangerous Book for Boys Game that Grammie sent!!!

These photos are out of order, but at least they posted!!!! This was at the guest house on the morning of Toby's birthday. We gave him the 2011 Guiness Book of World Records and his friends, the Peterson's, gave him two new Asterix and Obelix comic books. Aunt Constance made him a prince crown to wear for the morning!

For supper we went to the Gately and the boys quickly found the couch and books to read . . .

Two good friends, Tim Peterson and Geoff, enjoying visiting with each other at the guest house.

Posing for the camera . . .

Uncle Cody

Aunt Marian and Aunt Constance

It was a great weekend with friends and family!!!!! Happy birthday again to Kara and Toby!!

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