Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Different Here!!!!

Oh my, just when I thought I was fitting back into southern california culture, we went to the San Diego County Fair. Now, THAT'S a weird place. . . !!!!!

Last Saturday the whole family went to the San Diego County Fair to see my nephew Marcus perform "hip hop" for a featured singer. We had a great time together, the nieces, nephews and their friends went on the fair rides, pet the barn animals, people-watched, and ate some REALLY STRANGE FOOD!!!!! Fairs are known for their fatty, weird, disgusting, never to be found anywhere else, food . . . but chocolate covered bacon????????? Who comes up with this stuff??????????? Can you see me asking that question as I stand here in a quandry??????

My sister Glenda went farther than wondering, she actually bought some!!!! The look on her face pretty much says all that needs to be said.

Marcus did a great job performing hip hop. I wish Toby, Acacia, Kevin and Geoff could have been there!!!!!

My favorite people watching moment was in the small animal barn. My sister and I watched a young family walk by and the little girls exclaimed, "OOOOOO we can already hear the chickens and we're not even there yet!!" to which their Dad replied, "Yeah, see if you can find the one that has a hairdo like your grandma."

I have 6 more days before I begin my journey home. It has been a very FULL visit. Lots of emotion, tears of sadness, tears of joy and tons of family time.

I feel like I need to make a sidenote here. As I have seen many people during the time I've been here I've been surprised that numerous people, due to the accident in March, have expected me to be in more pain than I am, in worse physical condition than I am and generally in a fairly compromised physical state. I realized today that I must not have made it clear just how much healing I have received by GOD these past few months. He enabled me to recover from the hepatits much more quickly than expected. And the injuries incurred in the accident are healing well. Though I still have little aches and pains, I am able to exercise, walk, run and pretty much do what I want--except kneel down. Our God has proven Himself faithful as healer and provider and I am grateful.

Thanks for your prayers and friendship,


Beto and Laura Perez said...

i think mom should cut her hair like the bird on ur blog...

Glenda said...

it was a very fun day. And actually the choc. covered bacon wasn't that bad. Kinda like salty sweet candy

Britton Family said...

Make me realize we live is somewhat of a fair type environment here in Uganda. The only difference is that instead of petting the animals here our kids talk of slaughtering them and eating them :-)