Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Missionary Kids

OK, this blog is about the kids. As you can see they always find something fun to do. Whether it is playing with babies, climbing a tree or playing with the remains from our supper they are loving life. I was impressed today as I took our 3 and the browns 2 kids out today and Toby greeted a local man perfectly in Luganda. He has often resisted learning the language, but today he hit the nail on the head. The man just smiled and so did I :-)


Glenda Robles said...

oh Mary I just love these pictures, they are so sweet! I sure miss the kids and you and Geoff of course! I think that is so neat that Toby greeted him in Luganda! very cool indeed.

ak_mama said...

ok, it's been WAAAAAAYYY too long! I know, I remember all the promises I made to keep in touch this time and...well, I'm still me!! You all look like you're doing so well and we are really excited that your house plans have been ok'd!! YES! Looks like life there is so fun. Rusty still mentions every now and again how much he wants to come visit you all. I think it's a terrific idea. Now if God would just say yes and provide the funds! haha! Well, life here is moving right along. We are headed to Alaska for the ENTIRE summer and are really looking forward to our time there. I am also looking foreward to spending some quality time with our midwife as we are expecting number FOUR at thanksgiving!! Yup. you read that right. I've finally figured out how all this works and Rusty in trouble!! ;D Nah, we're super excited and so far I feel great. No sickness at all, just a little tired every now and again. So that's a huge blessing. Anyway, we love you and miss you, but love to hear your updates. Hugs all around! We'll keep you up to date with all our goings on.
kara, rusty, eli, emma, ellie and...??