Friday, September 28, 2012


Jonnes and Gertrude, the parents of the bride
We spent most of our day (Friday) celebrating with Eva and Medie as their families met together to officially give their daughter Eva in marriage to a more than wonderful son of ours, Medie, in a traditional "giving away" ceremony called a Kuhingira.  It was a beautiful event with heartfelt blessings and congratulations spoken from the many fathers and mothers we have in our New Hope family. In the old days, the Kuhingira was the actual marriage ceremony and there was no church wedding. But, in modern Uganda, the government officially recognizes the church wedding. So, enjoy this photo collage of yesterday's pageantry while we are now celebrating today (Saturday) at the wedding ceremony at the church.  
Eva, completely enjoying her Kuhingira
Syd Sparks, best man, and Medie laughing after the ceremony and getting ready to eat.
Syd captures the memories as Haji, Medie's father, his brother and Geoff wait to load the cars
Medie's sisters and mother (in the blue) moving toward the vehicles so we can drive over to the Bakimis 

listening to instructions on how we'll enter and sit together once we've arrived at the Kuhingira. Medie's mom,  Mama Mulungi is in blue on the left, and his oldest sister is in orange

Medie's father, Haji waiting patiently as we gather together before we travel to the Bakimis

Medie: excited, at peace, happy and thankful!

Geoff and Kakande ready for the big event!

Aunt Adhe, in yellow, and I are dressed in the traditional central tribal gomesi  while Aunts Lydia and Grace are in the traditional dress of the western tribes. Medie is of the central tribes and Eva is from the western tribes.

All smiles, Medie, Eva, Geoff and Mary

Jonnes congratulates Medie (L) and Syd (R)

Eva and Medie receive gifts from the Bakimi family

The happy couple sitting together after the blessings were pronounced by the fathers

The father of Aunt Gertrude's family and Jonnes together speaking blessings toward Eva

Did Kakande enjoy himself?   Oh, yeah!

Medie's sisters talk together

Uncle Jay and Aunt Vicki Dangers

The Bakimi children bestow their blessings on their sister as Medie's parents in right foreground listen

Jennie Dangers shares from her heart

The beautiful Eva

The grooms side as we gathered together before walking into the Kuhingira

Mama Flo and me after the Kuhingira

The grooms side gathering the gifts together for presentation to the brides side. The chicken which Geoff is holding is a traditional gift given to the brothers of the bride

Eva and her maids receiving gifts from Medie's sisters

Hope you enjoyed this little photo tour!!!! Now I need to get ready for the wedding!!!! Byeeeeee

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