Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Six years --- all in a moment

How could I have let this opportunity slip by? The opportunity to reflect on six years of living immersed in the ministry to God’s children here at New Hope Uganda? It was the moment that caused the slip . . . that moment when I was on my way to the school banda and the milk man came to give milk AND to get paid, that moment when the house workers arrived and direction for the day’s work was given, that moment when the son who drove the car yesterday returned the keys and gave the receipts, that gas can, and the beans, all that had been on the list, that moment when I was called away from teaching to find the keys to the motorbike and to exchange friendly greetings.  That moment when a friend stopped by to ask a medical question and we talked longer than we both expected to and found more answers in that moment than we thought we’d find in one day. That moment when a daughter rode by on her bicycle and the siting required a holler for her to come see me after school and then lunch at 2:30 (!!) because the day had been full up to that point. The moment when the wind picked up and the temperature dropped and the sky darkened requiring a race to the clothesline for rescue of almost dry clothes, then the promised visit of the daughter after school which enjoyably turned into an hour of talking and laughing, the moment on my way into the kitchen to begin supper prep and I catch a glimpse through my kitchen window of a son walking away from my front door--I hadn’t even known he was there--I called him back and found and answered a need for love and attention and malaria treatment. And in that moment even before he was gone another friend arrived --one who bas been busy, like me, and we haven’t seen much of each other, so we catch up on our doings and demands and the nature of our kids’ illnesses and talk briefly of our husbands’ absences, but ever so briefly because to dwell on the absence seems to magnify the void of presence. Then she makes a request I am not able to fulfill; we embrace at goodbye and I fly into the kitchen in another attempt at making food come alive for a meal. Praise God for eggs and bacon, the go-to meal of the too-busy household.  We sit down to our omelets and I glance at the clock, 7:30 p.m.!!! Where does the time go? Oh, right, a quick review and I know where the time went---in so many moments. Then the kids are off to their toys and games and I settle into some necessary emails. A quick jaunt into Facebook splashes instant messages onto my screen extending the intended glance.  Now, getting teeth brushed, pajamas donned and tired kids into bed.  It’s 9:45 p.m. and Geoff is landing at LAX. I call my mom to let her know I’ll stay up to hear his voice crackling through on a distant connection, no matter the time!  I watch Madea---confession, I LOVE Madea, and I laugh. Then I read and read and read. The phone tucked beside me buzzes. His call comes and he’s made it safely and slept well. Now it’s my turn to sleep. It’s 12:22 a.m. The next day.  The 6th anniversary of our arrival at New Hope Uganda has passed amidst the busyness of life lived well. I reflect on six years of ministry to the people God gives us and I reflect on the moment. Every individual moment--every opportunity to bless and be blessed and I am thankful for the moment--every moment of the past six years and the future ones to come.


Karen Elizabeth said...

"The 6th anniversary of our arrival at New Hope Uganda has passed amidst the busyness of life lived well"

We should all be living so well. Thank you for the godly example of you and your family.

Loving you from afar-
:)Karen Elizabeth

Beto and Laura Perez Speaks said...

excellent excellent post! "sorry for you" that Geoff is gone but I'm not going to lie, it sure is good to see him!