Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Last week we had the awesome opportunity to travel distant roads with monstrous pot-holes, enduring wrong turns, queasiness complete with productivity, intensely stifling sunshine and thick, sticky, trapping mud in order to arrive enthusiastically at the shores of Lake Victoria--the site of Musana Camps, our 3rd visit as David Family.  We hiked to remote water falls, the end of peninsulas and swam everyday.  There was no shortage of fun and games, and we started each morning in the quiet beautiful sunshine on the hillside overlooking Lake Victoria and our neighboring fishing village below.  It is an indescribable treat to take the family to such a magnificent place. The smiles and laughter are the BEST!!!!! Enjoy this short photo tour . . .
The David Family plus some of the Musana Camps staff

Toby and Dodo return from morning quiet devotional time while Michael continues to enjoy the peace.

YELLING directions to their comrades as they had to lead them blindfolded across a "mine field"

Hugs to the ones who led them safely across!

The longest and most arduous hike!  Required a deep dip in the water in order to get around to the tip of the peninsula.

Well, a deep dip for most people, Kakande and I skirted back through the spider-infested bushes in order to avoid getting wet . . . not sure if it was the best trade-off

Team work required to navigate logs precariously placed across streams

Blasting the horn to call all to grub

the quiet beauty of time alone with the Word

Toby and his Indian headdress after the blindfold game

Our tough trek to the waterfalls was REWARDED!!!!!!!

Gorgeous, Beautiful, Wish you were here . . .

Pure Joy

The smiles, the smiles, the smiles---thank you GOD!

COFFEE!!!!!! Early morning, before the grub horn sounded, there were sleepy-eyed wanderers waiting hopefully for  the lovely addictive brown substance which made the day go OH SO MUCH BETTER!!

A sweet, "I'll miss you!" from Medie to Eva as we prepared to leave the campsite at the end of the week.
The caravan home -- 4 vehicles and 32 very tired but happy travelers.

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