Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Simplest Things

Geoff receives a handmade, personally delivered thank you card
Of course, the handwriting is compliments of Aunt Kate, but the picture scribbles are drawn by Kakande!

a very pretty creation indeed
Last week Geoff received a very special, homemade gift. Kakande, our developmentally delayed young adult who lives on site here at New Hope, created a card for Geoff. It was his heartfelt thanks to Geoff for  his help in keeping his radio antenna working and filling his radio with batteries. It is a small thing to do. I wish you ALL could see Kakande's face come alive with joy when the new batteries are in--the antenna is on and the music begins to play!!! We are involved in some definite life-changing activities here as a part of the ministry, but maintaining a simple radio hasn't been on our list of major tasks! I guess we need a change in perspective!!!!!

Kakande is so proud of his creative work!

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