Saturday, April 28, 2012


On Friday morning we loaded up and took off for a day in Kampala. The main purpose was to take one of our children in David Family to the doctor, but added fun was taking Kakande who LOVES to dream about going to Kampala.  If a vehicle is moving he loves to jump in and ride, but rarely has he been to Kampala.  The number of trips he's taken can be counted on one hand. We were happy to add to his number count!
On the way to Kampala .  . . Kakande was so happy and smiled most of the 1.5 hrs!

The boys found a nice place to sit and read in our favorite bookshop, Aristoc.

"Reading" in the cushy chairs at the bookshop.

Mmmmmm. . . pizza and soda, yum yum.

Kakande is all smiles as he devours his pizza. Notice his soda is already gone--he gulped it long before the pizza arrived!

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