Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Garden Lovelies

Our BOOT garden!!! After working in the garden, mud boots are washed out and hung on sticks for thorough drying---something that is not so easy to come by in the rainy season!

MMMMMmmmmmm. . . yummy bananas from our garden!!!! We are currently growing more than 70 plants of three different varieties. We have so much we have been able to sell some for a little extra income! I LOVE FRESH FRUIT!!!!!

Another scrumptious plant in our garden is Ebo. It is a green spinach-like leaf that is native to the Soroti area. Our friends from Soroti brought us some seeds and when the leaves came ready, they came over to show us how to prepare it properly. Geoff and Sam work together at the vocational institute. Sam, the headmaster of the institute, has been God's gift to Geoff in the day to day smooth running of the vocational program.

Sam's wife, Irene, is a sweet, vibrant young woman who serves as our cashier for the maize and timber mills in Kiwoko. In this picture, she and I are sorting the Ebo leaves for wilting in the sunshine.

There is never a dull moment in the "garden of children" at our house. This shows Jesse, our neighbor and Kevin's best friend, and Sammy swinging exuberantly on our porch poles.

Often on the weekend we forego a huge supper meal and have smoothies and popcorn for supper! Geoff was the chef this past weekend. Fresh pineapple, passion fruit and bananas filled our cups and the kids thoroughly enjoyed. Kevin enjoyed so much he and his full stomach fell fast asleep on the couch early in the evening!

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Glenda said...

Those smoothies sound so delicious and even more so since the fruit was fresh grown! Yummy.