Thursday, April 21, 2011

Every tribe,tongue and nation . . .

We are thankful and blessed to live here in Uganda!! Not because of WHERE we live as much as WHO we live among!!!! I have been reflecting on last Sunday and looking forward to this coming Resurrection Sunday!!! I'm rememberinng the dedications we had last week in which we dedicated to the Lord babies from the baby house, children who have just joined the New Hope family this year in the primary, secondary and vocational schools, and our own two children, Kevin and Acacia whom we had never publically dedicated to the Lord. It was a morning of heightened awareness of the blessings of God in the form of the children He has given us. One of the warmest times of that morning was when I had my hands on my children, eyes closed, tucked tightly in the crowd who had come to lay hands on the children and I felt an arm go around my back and firmly pull me closer. When I opened my eyes I saw Aunt Adhe and I smiled BIG! My friend had come to support me and give her love during a time of importance for my family. I was grateful and overwhelmed with thankfulness for the true friends I have here!

In the center is Aunt Adhe with Acacia and I near her.

When I walked into the church building last week my eyes were met with the special outfits of our young kids who sing with Aunt Grace in our "Echoes of Hope" choir. They looked so sharp in their outfits and yet, I know that what Aunt Grace is instilling in them as she works with them is immeasurably more valuable than a sweet outfit!! I am thankful to Aunt Grace for her years of love and service to the children and staff of New Hope Uganda. She is a constant and gentle presence in the lives of so many--including mine!!!!! We started together at Kasana Children's Centre in 1994 and though I took a 12 year hiatus, she has never left!!!! Today our friendship is strong and growing.

"Echoes of Hope" shared their songs with us last Sunday.

As we look forward to Sunday we are thankful to be here all together: different nationalities, colors, tribes and denominational backgrounds. Nowhere can this combination work successfully together than under the love and guidance of our Mighty God!!!!!!!!!!! Though we have our differences and sometimes we make mistakes in our relationships due to cultural misunderstandings, we KNOW that we are equal in value because of our God who loves us!

May you enthusiastically celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, because true, vibrant living comes from Him--the risen and living King. "For You, the Lamb of God, were slain, and have redeemed us to God by your blood, out of every tribe, tongue, people and nation" Revelation 5.


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