Monday, March 28, 2011

photos finally!

We went to the Kingfisher in Jinja last weekend for a little rest and relaxation. We heard about and decided to try a different route through the bush. Nothing like chartering unknown territory!!! We didn't get lost and we shaved off about 30km from the mileage, but didn't make much better time--still about 3 hours! It was great fun knowing that we succeeded in finding our way though there are NO road signs other than "this bush" and "that bush"! Once we arrived we jumped into the pool. Sadly, our beloved shark didn't survive the weekend, c'est la vie! But, we swam, ate wonderful food, took a short boat ride to the source of the Nile, and rested. Beautiful.

We went to the Jinja market one afternoon and found baseball hats for the kids. Toby was SOOOOOOOOOO excited about his dominos pizza hat. Not sure why :)

Goggle girl, Acacia

The Kingfisher has a new mini-golf area which the kids enjoyed. Not fancy, by any means, but great fun.

Acacia and Kevin enjoyed floating and laughing.
Toby makes friends everywhere he goes. Not sure what they were talking about, but they were all having a great time.

Kevin and Me at the miniature golf area.

There was an absolutely impossible hole at the hippo. We figure the hippo wasn't too excited about a golf ball passing through him and kept every attempt from succeeding!

another toothless grin from Kevy

Daddy and the kids enjoying a walk together

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