Tuesday, November 24, 2009

There IT IS!!!!

Can you see the green mamba snake?????? WATCH OUT!!! We spotted it, it slithered up higher, we spotted it, we lost it . . . until the next day and it was doomsday for the snake . . .

Everyone was there to "help"

The snake was after birds' eggs in the mango tree that hung over girls' bath house and pit latrine. We decided to cut off the branch and harvested a load of oversized mangoes --they grew on the tree near the pit latrine :)

The kids made a hotel from the branches of our chopped down eucalyptus. They had a blast arranging the branches and putting wheelbarrows of sawdust on the "floor".

They played for hours and hours and the laughter was infectious.

Then they climbed on top of the van and gave us all a goofy dance show.

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Glenda said...

yet another great blog today !! I am loving the photos of the kids. They are having such fun. Thanks for posting those!!