Sunday, November 8, 2009

more pics of time with grammie and seth

Jumping on Seth's back per his request!
We played Uno to pass the time before we took them to the airport. Grammie and Seth had a good long afternoon nap, a hot shower, a yummy meal served out on the lawn and lots of hugs before we said goodbye.

Our last night with Grammie and Seth. Hugs and loves all around.

Uh, Huh, I scored a hole-in-one Uh, Huh, Uh, Huh It was a good effort but the old lady (me, not Mom) won the round!!!!!
This crocodile hole was particularly difficult because the crocodile repeatedly ate the golf balls!!! Here you can see the kids at both ends trying to locate the ball so we could continue play!

Getting ready to play miniature golf in Jinja. It's like no course you've ever played!!!!

Our last day at New Hope. We walked over to say goodbye to David Family. This is Mom with Auntie Scovia.

Reading time with Grammie.

Toby, Kevin, Acacia and Sharon excited over the new baby Acacia received from Grammie for her birthday.

Grammie enjoying as Acacia opens the package containing her new baby doll.

Celebrating Acacia's birthday a month early so that we could celebrate with Grammie and Seth!

Kevin digging in the sand pile--making tunnels.

Seth's renewed love of reading. He read three books in two days!!!! It's glorious to be without tv!

Acacia opening her birthday presents from Grammie

Grammie and Toby playing piano together.


Amy said...

Wait wait wait...back it up a second here sister! Seth READ two books in three days?!! Never heard a word of this. Guess it'll be our little secret! SO glad to know that though!

Janice Speaks said...

Mary forgot to mention that the reason the golf balls were not going through the crocodile was that there was a hugh frog in there and after awhile he just hopped out. Guess he got tired of getting hit and prodded.