Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"The Plan"

Toby has a plan. It's to capture the wild dog that frequently parades through our yard as if it is supposed to be there. He drew a diagram and wrote out the details a couple of nights ago and informed me he's going to need rope, a leash, dog biscuits (to lure the dog of course), lunch, then MORE snacks and bubbly--because our dog will certainly be key in catching the "other" dog.
Meanwhile, Geoff was preparing his own plan--of his day in Kampala. He again went in to secure more parts of the new maize machinery and then yesterday spent a good portion of the day assembling. While Geoff planned, Kevin intently watched his Dad. I hope my boys grow up to honor God and their families just as Geoff does.
And on another subject completely, we celebrated Ugandan independence day last Friday. It was an important time in which all our schools came together to learn the history and significance of the independence of this country. The most impacting quote of the day for me was "Ugandan gained her independence in 1962 and has not had a peaceful change of president since." I pray for that to not be what we see in this country's future. Our theme for the day was "Uganda tomorrow, what is your role today?" Our push is for our kids to see that a successful Uganda depends on individuals dedicating themselves to the betterment of their country beginning in small ways and expanding from there. Another highlight was the open microphone into which approx 40 kids/staff stated their hopes, dreams and visions for Uganda. It was moving to hear the passion for which the kids especially spoke of their country. (sorry, we forgot to take the camera)
And as I close this, my mother and nephew are getting ready to board a plane in Los Angeles to come visit. We pick them up in Entebbee on Friday morning. YAHOO!!


Beto, Laura, and Santiago Perez said...

boy oh boy i havnt read in awhile and really got caught up. good thing for pics! i like toby's hair and it was so good to talk to him today. he seems real happy playing tricks on cousin seth!
love you!

Beto, Laura, and Santiago Perez said...

please post fun picsof mom and seth.lov eyou