Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kevin is fascinated by birds. There was a beautiful one on top of our roof. They stood looking at each other for quite awhile until the bird flew away and Kevin went on with the rest of his exploration for the day . . .
Acacia and Anya enjoying their stuffed animals during their extended sleep over!!! We started before supper on Friday night and she stayed and played until almost 4 pm the next day!!!! What great friends!

Kevin and Toby crawled back into bed last Saturday morning and built star wars legos. It was so nice to have the boys and girls playing and enjoying their time together.

Usually on Saturdays Geoff gets up early and works in the garden. That's his therapy after a busy week. Unfortunately, on this particular Saturday a trip to Kampala was in order. He bought stuff for the house and some items for kids' bike repair (an ongoing activity here.) It turned out to be an enjoyable Saturday for all of us.
Two of our David family girls had a banana muffin business over the recent school holiday and brought in $25.00 of profit. This is almost enough for them to buy a small exotic pig. That's their plan at the moment. Our pigs from the enterprise farm will be producing in about a month and after a time with the mother will be available for purchase. It's great to see our kids looking forward and planning for their futures!!!!
Today is the graduation of the current New Hope Institute of Childcare and Family. Our kids are very excited to go as their "Uncle Nique" (Monique) is part of the class. Our duplex neighbors, Tony and Sarah Muwanguzi are also graduating as is Amy Zilverburg, a special friend who has been involved with our David family while she's been here. Pray for these and their classmates as they move on---taking great strides in growth and understanding of their Father God's heart for them and the orphan and widow. Pray for our three kids as it is always difficult for them to say goodbye to good friends. (Tony and Sarah of course aren't going anywhere, but Monique and Amy and the others who came from around the world will be returning home).
Blessings to you,
The Brittons

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Britton Family - Praise Him

Thank you for lifting up the name of Jesus
Thank you for your service.

Saw your blog on Blogger under missionaries.
Seems you're having a blessed time
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Lot's of challenges and adventures
I'm sure..

Adventure is a favorite word.

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A unique experience in one's own personal history.
Often of a romantic nature.

Sounds like Jesus to me.
Missionaries and adventure.
Can you have one without the other.

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