Thursday, March 12, 2009

Going to Kampala

We'll be going to Kampala many times these next few weeks. This past Tuesday started it all when Vicki and Jennie Dangers and I surprised our friend Kathryn Brown with a birthday celebration day in Kampala! She turned 40 in January, but was in South Africa at the time, while Vicki was in the States. So, with our busy schedules, it took us until March to get the surprise pulled off!! Her husband, Steve, taught the kids, hosted all the rest of ours for break, taught my music class and babysat ours for the afternoon while we drank cappucino, had pedicures, manicures and a lovely Indian lunch! L to R me, Jennie, Vicki, Kathryn

Toby serving the scrumptious delicacies the kids cooked up a few days ago. They got most of my kitchen utensils out in order to open their own restaurant for the afternoon . . . They love to COOK!!! Yum Yum

Today we are going to Kampala after lunch. We will be staying with Gillian in the apartment the hospital rented for her. We are looking forward to a break in the non-stop busy-ness of our lives.
Mary continues to improve everyday. Back to normal in all activities. Even added exercise back into the mix and it didn’t diminish the energy level, but increased it!!! Hopefully we will swim this weekend with Gill and the kids and also have a date while Gill babysits!!
Mary had a great devotion time with David family on Wednesday about being the Salt of the Earth. Did you know that Salt is so important that it is used in everlasting covenants and was required in sacrifices in the Old Testament? It was used when God made the covenant with David for His Kingdom to last forever! Good stuff. The kids were amazed and seemed to soak it up.
Also had a fantastic Bible study with the girls on Sunday, too. We’re studying Colossians. Why is it that most commentaries skip commenting on Colossians 1:24-29. What’s the problem with that passage? Pretty straight forward as far as I can see. Any comments on why everyone seems to skip that section? It’s great to know that as a believer I am able to, as I minister according to the call God has for ME, endure difficult circumstances in addition to what Christ already suffered when He ministered, so that the church can fulfill the word of God. And the mystery of Christ being alive in us is no longer a mystery, but reality in our life as He works mightily in us. What’s so difficult about those ideas that no one seems to want to put it in a commentary?????
I said at the beginning of this that we will be going to Kampala many times these next few weeks. WHY? There is a new family coming March 30 and we are buying their furniture and household items to get them set up. We have numerous little things to buy for our new house as the construction keeps progressing . . . we'll be totally moved in by end of April ????? And also, Geoff is taking 2 different sets of vocational students to see some of the exciting items they can produce with the skills they now have. And lastly, Mary is finishing her steroid medicine next Friday and will need to get follow up liver panel labs.
Anywho . . . gotta go get into the school house . . . the boys are waiting.

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Janice Speaks said...

I'm so glad that you are feeling better. Regarding your verse, some can't see that God is in control of everything, not just some things. He knows all things and his reasons and we won't probably ever know until we reach heaven. We need to trust him always and know that even in the hard times he is walking with us. Just as sometimes our kids don't like our reasons and can't see the why's but we can see their bigger picture. Glad you are getting to spend some 'girl' time with your friends. That's always important. Love you all!