Sunday, October 14, 2007

Village Sunday

Today was an exciting day! We held another baptism service today and baptized 18 people. It was loads of fun. Especially fun was that one of the 18 was Toby! He told me the last time we baptized that he wanted to be included, but I really didn't think he was ready. But a few weeks ago when we announced it he came and made his request again. So after losing one of his flip flops in the mud and getting over that he took the plunge. Also we saw a large group from one of our families here that less than one year ago was experiencing turmoil. With some good parenting and alot of prayer and healing many of them came to be baptized. Many of our young people are desperate for their lives to be changed and these children from "Jonathan" family are seeing it happen. PRAISE GOD!

On another note, todays offering was quite interesting as we saw money, clothes, a bunch of matoke (bananas you cook) and a cow...The funny thing was that while we were eating lunch here come some of the deacons with the cow. Yes that is right as the pastor they brought the cow to our house. What am I going to do with that cow???

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