Saturday, January 7, 2017

Early Morning Rafting

At about 7:30, after a quick sip of tea or coffee and small bites of biscotti, we headed out to the fish ponds on our farm land. I walked with Bubbly, our black lab. The kids rode their bicycles and Geoff rode a motorbike with the bamboo raft strapped on. Once there we tightened the sisal around the bamboo poles. The sun was not too hot yet and the birds were abundant. It was a great morning activity! Nearby villagers drawing water from the pond were pretty curious as to what we were doing. The watchman observed us for awhile and then asked that we have a photo together. 

Just a little work on tightening the sisal before we set it afloat.
These red-footed birds are called, "Jesus birds," by the locals for their apparent ability to walk on water. They actually walk on slightly submerged lily pads, but are still fascinating to watch.

Taking a pause to pose with the inquisitive watchman.
Whoops! Perhaps our physics were a bit off! 
A very wet Kevin already begins to plan his next bigger, longer and more effective raft!
It is a nice vehicle for floating shoes.

Leaving the wet raft behind as a curiosity for the villagers. 

On our way home up through the livestock pasture.

That was our Saturday morning. The rest of the day shaped up to be quite restful. Our planned lunch with fellow staff was cancelled as the wife delivered her second child in the morning. Geoff is readying himself this morning to preach and we are together enjoying a quiet, albeit already hot morning. Blessings to you all!

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