Friday, May 6, 2016

728b "There is beyond the azure blue"

Every morning here this week in Malibu I have arisen at the 5 o'clock hour to briskly hike the gorgeous, and at that time of the day, quiet Pepperdine hills. Each new day has held its own unique splendor. Today my eyes and heart were mesmerized by the magnificent view in a way that surprised me.

Descending down the hill just beyond the law school the vast expanse of God's beautifully created waters was laid out before my eyes. Suddenly the Spirit brought a comparison of waters. Yes, this is an absolutely pristine and inarguably moving view, but for the first time in my life my mind didn't remain fixed on this view alone, but brought to memory Lake Victoria on the shore of New Hope's Musana Camps site in Uganda. The sloping, rolling hills spilling into the deep blue waters of the Malibu coast being compared to the view of a lake? It was an outrageous comparison, but in no way ridiculous.

Personal experiences on the hills above both of these these bodies of water are powerful elements in the make-up of my life. Very different times and seasons, to be sure, but their significance in steering the course of my life adds to their beauty. Pepperdine and the Malibu coast, being a part of my early years on this earth has been held in my heart for more than thirty years as the best view on God's hand-crafted spherical habitat. No longer. For beauty is more than what the eye can provide.

Real beauty is responding to God's providencial hand that has brought you to view his handiwork and what it then requires of you. Lake Victoria and the Pacific Ocean have been catalysts for movement in my life. I still live everyday by the scripture adopted by Pepperdine for their motto, "Freely you have received, freely give." Freely from God's hand I have received gifts and opportunities, what have I done with them?

Thankfully I listened intently to my Father God in the early 80s here at Pepperdine and thankfully I am still listening today when my journey with Him takes me to the shores of Lake Victoria. Mistakes and blunders all, He sees my heart to love and serve Him and showers mercy and grace in the process of healing me from the fallout of my missteps. I have received life, been afforded opportunities and given abilities. Regardless of where in the world I am, or what in this world I am gazing upon, may I offer up to Him a beautiful response.

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