Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!!

We bought our Christmas dinner this year from a fellow staff member who was selling off chickens to raise money for his ministry to the elderly in our surrounding villages. 

I'm smiling now, but soon????? nothing, zip, nada

Sam, Toby and Micah were head-to-head on slaughter duty.

Naked little chickies

Today is Christine's birthday. She is 16. We have the privilege of having her with us these holidays.

We took a couple of days away from home and traveled the back roads to Jinja for some rest and relaxation.  The place we stayed had lots to do, the kids enjoyed exploring all of it! 

The girls and Geoff on a walk around the grounds

A game of sorry in the dining area.

And, the best part was the pool!  It was hot and sunny everyday and we maximized our times in the pool!

On the way home we stopped to see Sam and Nabukeera's sister. It was a quick, but nice visit.

"Uncle Sam" holding his nephew's hand as they walk from their house to the car.

The aftermath of unpacking after the weekend paired with the wrapping of gifts and sorting through laundry. Me? I'm hiding in the kitchen away from THAT mess and making my own! Apple pie, crescent rolls, Yule tide roll and lemon cake, chicken soup and Pasta (????)--that last one is Christine's birthday request. Okey Dokey

At present, Sam, Kevin and Geoff are out in the village visiting some staff families who have moved off site this past year. These families are making an important impact in the surrounding communities with their faith-filled presence.
First stop, however, was to Jjaaja's to deliver HER christmas goodies to her and Nabukeera, who is enjoying living with her grandma again after all these years living on site.

Over the potholes and through the bananas to Jjaaja's house we go! The motorbike knows the way to go through the dry and dusty bush! We're taking her chicken and pineapple, too, to taste on the special day. It's a wonder to us that we are here, Merry Christmas ALL we say!!!!!!

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