Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Day in Kampala

A trip into Kampala every four weeks is a must for us. Not because we so totally enjoy the city, but because there are some items in the "BIG" city we cannot buy out here in the village. The trip in and out is colorful, stressful, DUSTY in the dry season and full of traffic jams. Enjoy a quick vicarious trip with us into Uganda's capital city.
The City sky-line.

Traffic!!!! Everyone tries to selfishly edge their way in!!

Shoprite--one of the staple shops for western foods.

No day in Kampala is complete without being stopped by the police!

buying shoes out of garbage bags on the side of the road!!

cows, a roadside hazard

hauling water

We buy most of our fruits and vegetables at roadside stands on the way home from Kampala at the end of the day

A motorcycle is a very common mode of transport. The woman in the picture is tying up her traditional dress-gomesi-in preparing to ride.
DUST!!!!!! You can't avoid it! Our last 18km is a dirt road and is VERY DUSTY in the dry season (December-Feb)

Hope you enjoyed this short trip with us!

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