Friday, December 16, 2011




Banange! Literally translated "my people" but as used colloquially is better explained "FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!" -- An appropriate exclamation as I look back on this and that of the month of November and the end of the year activities around here!!
As we approached the end of the school year we prepared for graduations, end of year celebrations, parents' meetings, school closings, a New Hope Staff party, staff send-off get togethers as some left permanently, a maize roast, sending the kids off to their families in the surrounding villages, and a much-needed and well-enjoyed week of rest for our immediate family on the Kenyan coast.
I apologize that it has been awhile since you've heard anything from us in this space. I (mary) am the one typically keeping you up-to-date with our news from here and I have to confess to defeat in the whole transfer from oranges to apples. (In early November the Costa Mesa team brought us our new apple computer and we switched from HP to apple. In the process of new fruit navigation my brain became scrambled eggs.) How to load a picture, move a picture, paste, etc, etc, etc, was just too much for me to learn amidst all the activities and events of the end of the year! Banange!
Geoff and the kids open the new apple!!

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