Friday, October 28, 2011


A simple multiplication math lesson for our blog today . . . five years ago I taught the girls in our David Family how to make bread. They have turned it into a successful family business. One of the girls then taught our houseworker to make bread (it was easier for her to teach in Luganda--instead of me in English--as Jessca, our worker speaks limited English). This past week, a catering student from the New Hope Vocational Institute was taught by Jessca how to make bread. When Josephine (who washes our laundry) heard there was a bread-making lesson going on in the kitchen, she joined in to take notes and learn as well!!!!! I love that something I taught five years ago is still yielding fruit!!!!! (and great tasting bread!)

This past Tuesday a few of the staff ladies went to Kampala to celebrate two of our birthdays! (Jill's and mine). We ate breakfast at the Rocks and Roses Tea Room. From front left, Kim, Marian, me, Vicki, Jill

Same group and place minus me and add in Tiffany! Multiplication lesson: ladies x laughter x lots of yummy breakfast treats equals joy (and a few more calories to exercise off!)

Feeling in the mood for a natural, organic snack?? We have white ants (termites) in abundance this week! Kevin and his friends took advantage of the afternoon flight from the ground to the sky--catching and eating many!!! Multiplication PROBLEM: little children x white ants = stomach aches (but, they are good protein--they are even listed on the nutrition charts for East Africa!!)

Left to Right: Acacia, Kevin, Sammy, Joshua, Solomon

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