Thursday, August 4, 2011

Harvest and Holiday

The kids are finishing their second term of school this next week and are looking forward to a deserved holiday. However, this holiday will be a VERY BUSY one!!!!! Hang on - - - here's the list: Two weddings, an outreach for EYO, an IY retreat, "mini-envisioning"staff meetings, visiting relatives of our children--especially aging grandparents, but also aunts and others, a worship conference, shopping for banquet dresses for the girls in our family that will be finishing their 4th year of secondary school this year, the return of the Dangers' family, our New Hope founders and the exodus of many others who are taking home assignments in the U.S., saying goodbye to the Brown family who is moving to Kampala to start another extension of the Invesment Year program, the special week of activities for the Primary 7 students which we call "p7 week", our Annual General Meeting and special New Hope Thanksgiving Sunday celebration, and lastly, Luganda language lessons for our Britton family. WOW. We won't be involved in all of the above, but it all makes for a busy atmosphere!!!!!

The above photo is from our recent maize harvest from the David family gardens. We celebrate as a family each of our two harvest with a bonfire where we roast fresh maize--yumyum.

Dodovico enjoys roasting the maize for us.

Also during the holiday we will continue our piano lessons with our teacher who comes weekly from Kampala. He teaches our three and one other from a fellow staff family.

The kids' favorite part of the maize harvest is taking a stick to the cobs. Instead of peeling the kernels off the cob, they put them in a bag and beat them with a stick. Joel (Brown) and Toby are having a great time here while Acacia, Kevin and Medie load the kernels into a sack.

Kevin and Acacia take a turn . . .

Toby and Acacia

In our own personal garden out by our school banda, we found monitor lizard eggs (at least according to our compound helper) Acacia and Kevin dig up the eggs

We are also growing pumpkins in our garden! If you've never eaten pumpkin plain, you're missing out!!!!

We've had a great personal maize harvest this year. Geoff estimates we may get around 50 kg!! This really helps offset our food bill! We also have recently harvested ground nuts, pumpkin, tomatoes, herbs, sweet potatoes, beans both black and red, sweet bananas and cooking bananas, onions and greens (collards).

Please continue to pray with us as our most important harvest focus is the effect of the Love of God in the hearts of the kids to whom we minister. Currently our devotional focus in David Family is Ephesians 6 regarding the armor of God and His power in us.

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Beto and Laura Perez Speaks said...

love you guys. remember to take time to REST! i know it's a four letter word sometimes, but I pray for you and miss you so much!!! am looking forward to 2012 i can hardly not pee my panties!