Thursday, December 18, 2008



Today was not a typical day for most vacations. We started the day out here in Kampala sleeping in (normal enough) with plans to go to a children’s Christmas party at a local hotel. The paper advertised it beginning at 10am with a bounce house, games, food and a visit from Father Christmas. Being versed at things here in Uganda we didn’t leave the house until 10:30 (things NEVER start on time) and of course we got a little lost (no street signs in Uganda) finally arriving at 11:30. To our expectations the lady at the desk tells us well we aren’t quite set up yet, you are welcome to wait and the kids can play. Our better judgment told us that might not be a good idea, maybe we will come back. We decided to drive across town and get some Chinese food (very good, but a little pricey). Finally we make it through traffic and arrive back at the party around 2:00 and we were still numbers 9, 10 and 11. It was great fun, but let me tell you, my definition of a children’s Christmas party can never quite be the same. Sodas all around, loud rap music and a 13 year old Ugandan school boy dressed as Santa. The only thing missing was some snow and real Christmas carols. The kids had a great time, made some new friends and came home with some fun toys. But I must say the expectations of a couple of hours of fun and then come home were not met. It is now 8:10, that translates to nearly 6 hours of children’s Christmas party, some times here in Uganda time is irrelevant. The main goal is to finish the program.


Oh yeah the final leg of our adventures today was to get some ensenene, or in English grasshoppers. Acacia has loved them since 2006 when someone gave us some as a gift. It is now the season and the neighborhood we were in is famous for the being the place they are harvested. So I spent $3 for a bag of raw grasshoppers with the wings removed that we came home and roasted in a frying pan. Mmmmmmm :-)


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