Monday, August 25, 2008

God is GOOD!

Hello again all! Here's an update from Geoff and the team in the North. . .
Thank you all for praying for the New Hope team and for those they are ministering to this week. Reports are that they are all enjoying the time there. Geoff says the people are very poor, but friendly. The rescued children are hard hit with spiritual drought and burdened with fear, so he asks that we pray for them to be delivered from the paralyzing fear they have come to know as "normal." The land itself is also experiencing drought, so the team prayed for rain and it began raining almost immediately!!!!! It has rained so hard that most of the tents are soaked, but the New Hope kids are still filled with energy and joy as they serve. Geoff happily shares that his tent is still dry! Toby, Acacia and Kevin were excited to hear that as they have prayed everyday for "Daddy to not get sick!" and they feel Daddy's dry tent is God's direct answer to that prayer!

The team walked 16 km to build a house yesterday! They are tired, but fulfilled. They have 5 more days there so keep praying! One of the leaders was sick with malaria, but is now doing better and two of our kids are now ill. Pray for the health of the group, please.

Geoff asks that we continue praying for him to have God's wisdom on what to say/share and when to speak. Jonnes, our longtime leader who has served with the Dangers here for 20 years, arrived there safely yesterday. We have one more of the youth leaders who will be traveling on Wednesday to meet the team so pray for his safe travel.

On the home front, all is well. Thanks to all of you who have emailed me to let me know of your support in prayer! I am feeling it! Things are moving along smoothly and I am finally catching up a little on my sleep. It was so busy before the team left that I hadn't slept much. It's busy here, as usual, but things are flowing nicely and God's sends many encouragers my way through emails, notes and personal visits here to the house. I have been able to walk each morning with Vicki Dangers and that has been a deep source of blessing.

I want to get this posted since last night I wrote and when I went to post, the internet wouldn't stay on long enough for it to complete. Once I get the text posted, Ill try to get some pictures downloaded for you. No pics from the north yet, just random pics from around here!
Thanks again for your prayers!

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