Sunday, February 10, 2008


Yesterday we had an interesting confrontation with culture. We were doing some survey work to plan a road to a undeveloped portion of the property, (the area we want to build our home.) So try explaining to an African why you need to determine a straight line from one end of the property to the other. Everyone we explained what we were doing to just looked at us like “why do you need to do that?” In a place where roads just happen and you might bend a road to avoid a certain land mark, using survey equipment to draw a perfectly straight line seems a little silly. Doing things in an “American” way here in Uganda sometimes receives some strange looks and some strange comments. One guy thought we were planning the length of Noah’s Arc and that we were going to build a replica, go figure?

Just to show how cool God is, as we were walking through the area we want to build the other day with Jay and Gary Wood, Jay said that before we can start planning locations for new homes (ours) we needed to have the area surveyed so he knew exactly what we have. So Gary proceeded to email some folks in Canada and see when they could come out for the survey work. That night at supper he is telling one of the members of a team that is currently here form Ohio the plan and lo and behold this guy works for the public works department as a surveyor. So what looked as to be a delay of many months before we could build was solved immediately. The next day we got out there and began to measure and design.

We would appreciate everyone’s prayers as we are considering taking a child into our home this year. As the school year has began there is a need for those in P7 to stay on site in order to study the extended hours with their class mates.


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Janice Speaks said...

Finally! I figuered out how to leave messages here! Anyway, maybe you should encourage Seth to come down for awhile and he could help build your house!