Sunday, September 9, 2007

Poverty - What does it mean to you?

There are two sides to being aware of the world’s poverty. On one side, you are so isolated from poor people that you really have no idea how parts of the world are so ravaged by poverty. And the other side is that you get so accustomed to being around the poor that it no longer shocks you. When we first moved to Uganda I was deeply touched by the fact that many people in our area live on pennies a day. Living in a mud walled house, sleeping on a matt and owning only 1 pair of clothes and possibly owning no shoes is very common to the people of Uganda. In some ways I have become so accustomed to these things that they almost seem normal. Yet today sitting in church looking at a little girl wearing a dress that really was no more than a rag, 2 different flip flops that both should have been thrown into the trash I was reminded of how all around me people are desperately suffering. Here when someone says that they have no money, they really mean they have NO money. Think about that idea, having NO money, no access to money and sometimes not even a meal for the evening. It hit me again today…

The picture is of the skin from the illusive cobra that seems to live in our area. It has been seen once before and this past week we found the skin leading to a hole in our compound. We are estimating the length to be around 6 feet, the skin we found was around 4 feet yet was missing a good portion leading to the tail. ANOTHER GOOD REASON TO PRAY!

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bill said...

i hope that you are doing well since your surgery watch out for snakes so funny about kevin starting his engine i hope tob and acacia get filled up higher than just their legs much lovce to all of you ca gpa