Sunday, June 24, 2007

Harvest time

Tonight we had a supper that was a taste of Ugandan culture. The local maize is coming ripe, and yesterday one of the children from Jonathan family brought us 8 ears of maize. For the most part maize is used to make posho which is like a thick cream of wheat and is a staple with most Ugandans. But during harvest time many people eat it fresh, roasted over fire. So tonight we light a fire roasted maize and enjoyed some fresh passion fruit juice. Not the most filling supper, but quite enjoyable. Over the next month the maize will be drying in the fields and people will begin the process of harvesting. This is the first of the two harvests that our part of Uganda will experience this year the sencond season comes with harvest in November. One of the many blessings Uganda has, 2 full harvest every year. Pray that this is significant spiritually as well.

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Glenda Robles said...

that looks delicious but yes not filling at all! The kids are growing up so fast!!